I am an author, speaker, television co-host, media contributor, and personal and executive coach.  Lots of hats, I know!  But in all the things I do, there is one central theme:  Helping people live more fulfilling, less stressful lives.  I’ve coached business owners, executives, and professionals in 40 states and seven foreign countries – all by phone.


This blog is about gleaning practical life lessons from news and events.  Generally speaking, the news can be pretty depressing and sometimes stressful.  Even so, I often see inspiration, hope, and perseverance in the stories and these lessons can improve our everyday lives.  In this blog, I share the lessons I glean from the news and then give you coaching questions to apply those lessons to your own life.  This taps into my passion for writing and coaching.


Besides this blog, I write a weekly e-newsletter and columns for BlackAmericaWeb.com and CBN.com.  I’ve written five books – How Did I Get So Busy? (2008), Why Not You? (2007), What’s Really Holding You Back? (2005), Listen to Your Life (2004), and Rich Minds, Rich Rewards (2001).   Subscribe to my e-newsletter at www.valorieburton.com.